Oh My Gawd, We Might Actually Have It All!

Well, last night, Kim and I stayed up late, talking over skype, and it looks like we have our beginning, middle, and end! She typed up a basic summary for it, which is posted below:

Thundercracker is recruited by Megs to interrogate & transport an Autobot femme to her death. Meanwhile during the transport, they end up developing feelings for each other and end up being ambushed by the Resistance to which she escapes.

Megs is upset and gives the trine another chance to redeem themselves by leveling the Resistance compound. Thundercracker knows Sonica is there and touches down to look for her where he sees her severely damaged. He goes to her, unable to help her. She pleads for him to end her life, he does so. She dies in his arms.

Afterward Megatron is pleased & tells TC he has fully embraced who he is.

She wants to revise the summary too, to intrigue the readers further. This summary was thought up on the fly.

I swear, she doesn't give herself nearly enough credit, but she has been absolutely wonderful! Between beta reading for my story, and doing this collab, Kim has been amazing.

We're both super excited. Now, all that needs to be done is, typing the majority of the story (as we do have some scenes put together), tweak some of the scenes that need tweaking, and once we're entirely satisfied with all the editorial work, and all the loose ends are tied up, only THEN will we start posting chapters. :)

*Sigh* Still a lot of work to do, but I feel we've made a lot of progress with our plotline.
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*Contented Sigh*

Well, I've typed up chapter 16, and sent it to Kim via email to beta.

We're still juggling the possible outcomes for our collab, and we've done a few RPs for specific scenes.

Lol, I don't think there's any sense in me going into all the details again. ^^; There's just too much that we've gone back and forth with, completely nixed, and went back to.

We're also trying to think of all the loose ends that will need tying with each possible outcome.

This has been rather fun, though. :) Especially this week, with Charlie being gone on a field ex until friday; it keeps me busy, preventing me from thinking about how cold the bed is at night.

As in, I'm too tired by the time I get to bed to think about it, lol. Or at least, last night I was.

Here's hoping the week passes quickly!

And that it's still a productive week for both Kim and I.
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Collab taking shape...

Okay, so Kim and I decided that the seekers are already cons for our story, but they're wet-behind-the-ears, having not yet engaged in battle. It's a time where they are on the brink of war, but not there.

We're piecing things together nicely, and I don't want to give anything away, but there will be some plot-twists along the way; things that accentuate on the whole "Decepticon/deception" thing. ;)

Since my significant other is elsewhere until friday, when I'm not busy with the housework and looking after my daughter (and playing outside with her), I'll be focusing on both the collab, and getting "Between Autobots and Decepticons" chapters typed and beta-d.

This is going to be a busy week, in regards to both writing and being the full-time parent for Aurora, while Charlie is away. Thankfully, most of the housework will involve up-keep, and not outright cleaning. (The weekends always involve the heavy-duty cleanings).

Anyway, feeling a bit tired, and a little sick (damn colds! If it isn't every month, it's nearly that, in the last five that I've been sick...or six. I dunno, I've been sick off and on since moving to Petawawa, and that was mid-to-late september).

Well, got lots to do, at least, to keep me occupied. :) Can't ask for fairer than that.

Caffeine Withdrawal!

Okay, so Kim and I did more plotting. Pretty much everything is subject to change, though I think we're both fairly happy with the choices we're making. We like the scenes we've put together, though I have no doubt we'll continue to tweak then until they feel entirely satisfactory.

Scenes created for far:

-TC and Screamer at the Academy, training.

-TC and Screamer in the energon bar, in which a tense conversation ensues.

-Starscream confronts TC about his relationship with Autobot femme.

-TC breaking Sonica's spark (in which there is a chance of reconciling).

We're kicking around ideas of who kills Sonica, as we've decided Warp and Screamer can't be the ones to do it. We also want a couple of tense scenes between TC and Sonica' father-who will be an Autobot General.

We want TC to be there with Sonica when she dies (we know how we want her to die, but I'm not giving it away.) ;)

There also needs to be some interaction between Tc and Warp on the matter; after all, of the trine, these two are the closest.

We're working on details of how TC and Sonica meet, as well as what brings their union about.

This is going to be a fun project.

But, bad Rebel needs to type up a chapter for Kim to beta, since we're both busy, which means chapter could take awhile to make it to FF.Net. Ive been holding it off, because Charlie is going away for a week (more miltary training), which means once Aurora is in bed, I can write to my heart's content.

At the same time, though, I'm itching to get more writing done. I feel bad for my loyal readers. :(

Maybe today, I'll type a chapter, and send it to Kim for beta-ing.

Yeah, that'll work.

Just gotta make sure I spend quality time with the man. ;)

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Nooo! Plot Bunnies!

Okay, so Kim and I have made quite a bit of headway in the last couple of days. We've created scenes, tweaked them, added, editted, and tweaked them all over again. (The bar scene alone, has been tweaked six times, at least!)

Our plotline is coming along; though of course, it's in pieces.

We decided we wanted to start with a Prologue, which cites something occurring later in the story, only it gets mentioned at the beginning. Of course, not all Prologues share this format; some literally are the beginning of the story. However, we figured it would be a good approach to lure readers in. It's something she has done before, and something I wanted to try. (I do believe it was suggested to me by a certain someone..)

But damn, if we haven't been attacked by the plot bunnies along the way! The little suckers have been jumping all over us, vying for the same position in the story.

Of course, there's plot bunnies attacking us for other scenes as well, lol. But thankfully, we're getting there. ;)
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Hehehehehe, Caffeine! :D

I'm feeling very optimistic about both my own fanfiction, and my collaboration with Kim. :) I did some work, yet again, on my own (I still need to type some chapters; hot damn, I'm falling behind! And the fact that the chapters will be beta read first means it'll take twice as long. Bad, Rebel!) and Kim and I have been Rping scenes.

We both keep having plot bunnies strike, but catching the little devils is proving difficult.

So far, the ideas for the collab entail:

-A scene in which Starscream and Thundercracker are at the Cybertronian War Academy, training in the battle simulator. TC does better than Screamer, who decides to pitch a fit. TC is fed up with Starscream whining, especially when he has great potential in every other examination the two cadets have undergone. So far, we don't have much for that. Conflicting schedules, I'm thinking, lol.

-A much later scene in which Star confronts TC about dating an Autobot femme. By this point, the factions have been formed.

-We haven't written this yet, but we plan on having Skywarp being jealous of TC's love affair; in the sense that he feels he's losing his best friend to her. We are planning on having him and Star kill the femme, named Sonica, but TC can't find out. For an extra twist, it's going to involve TC believing someone else has killed his lady fair...someone who would push him further into the Decepticon ranks.

I don't want to give away all the juicy pieces, but I'm thinking this is going to take a very long time to put together, and then it's going to take even more time to perform editorial tasks.

This is going to be exhausting...but I'm so up for it!

:D This may very well involve some late nights, in which hot cider or chocolate will be consumed in vast quantities, and coffee will be inhaled every morning (*snorts* what else is new?)

A little more done!

Well, Kim and I have started RPing one of the scenes for our collaboration, in which Thundercracker and Starscream are at the Academy, training.

We figured our story can begin before the Autobots and Decepticons were at war (in other words, during one of those peaceful reigns, before it broke out between Prime and Megatron), in which the story will still focus on Thundercracker having a star-crossed love affair with an Autobot femme, named Sonica. :)

We officially came up with a title for our story, as well. "Genesis". Hopefully, no one else has the exact same title. ^^; I didn't come up with the title, but I have a funny feeling I've seen Genesis mentioned in other TF fanfictions.

Well, if there are others similarly named, all we have to do is tweak it, or go with our runner-up title, The Killing Fields.

We'll see. I think we'll stick with Genesis, one way or another.

I still have yet to finish Between Autobots and Decepticons, but I did a bit more rough work for that last night, too. I really need to type up some more chapters, get them beta-d, and upload.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. :)


Between working on my current fanfiction, "Between Autobots and Decepticons", and all the chaos that goes on in life, my collaboration with Kim just isn't taking off-not because I don't want it to, but because the plot bunnies have struck.

Our idea is of the Romeo and Juliet feel; you know, star-crossed lovers.

In this case, Thundercracker falls in love with an Autobot femme.

So far, one scene has been put together for this story; the scene in which Starscream confronts his wing-mate about it. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did really well with this part. :3

But, nothing else has come! I think I'm getting close to coming up with the scene where he and said femme meet (in which Kim and I agreed they will hate each other at first, but grow to like one another-yeah yeah, I know, it's a tad cliche), but everytime I feel like getting it done, life gets in the way. D:

Oh well. Maybe the scenes will just come when they come; the one scene I've put together did, and besides, I can't just ignore my current 'fic; in fact, in rough copy, that one is nearly done. If I finish the rough draft, I'd probably be able to focus on the collab better. I could type the chapter for 'Bots and 'Cons one week at a time, get Kim to beta them (as she's been doing since chapter 13), and while she's busy beta-ing, I can take care of more scenes. :)

It'll work out. I know it will, because I won't give up so easily.

A New Frontier

Well, I joined this site in order to talk to other like-minded people. I've been into writing since I was twelve, but it has come and gone multiple times in my life, when other things took priority.

As of late, I'm making an effort, I'm back into it, and I want my writing to remain permanently for a change. I currently write fanfiction, since I find it's an enjoyable past-time, and allows me to polish my skills again, after six years of not writing.

I do hope to release my own original works, but I know this could take years; I want to create something that blows people away, something that is enjoyable, meaningful, and will rock the world.

And for the love of god, nothing like Twilight. No offense to the people who do like that particular series, but I rather not ever find my works equated with those particular books. Ever.

Anyway, I'll use my journal for posting ideas I have on writing. If anyone has any interest in getting to know me, feel free to message me. The more, the merrier, after all.
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