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I Figured I Ought to Come Back Here...

Well, what to say- a lot has changed in what...a year and a half, or more?

I still haven't finished that TF fanfic I was working on back then. Though I still count it amongst my fandoms, it’s just not burning the way it once did.

However, my Devil May Cry obsession has been bordering on-well, ludicrous. No matter how many other fandoms come and go since I first got into the anime 4+ years ago, and then the games, DMC always boomerangs back into the limelight.

And none of that DmC reboot shit, either.

I’m not kidding; I’ve watched countless anime (Soul Eater, Black Lagoon, Trigun, Bleach, etc), gotten into other videogames and regular shows (such as Supernatural) and every single time I sate my needs for those ones, Dante comes strutting back into the picture.

I’ve completed two DMC fanfictions, a one-shot, and I am currently working on a story I adopted off of another writer.

Since it’s been going so strong, I thought I could post excerpts here. My writing prose has definitely improved since the days I spent working on my previous (yet still existing) fandoms, but as always, I know there is more work to go.

There’s always room for improvement.

So, after this entry, I will make another, which will contain excerpts from my last (and current) works.

I’ve also decided that there’s no shame in continuing with fanfiction for now. Currently, original ideas are just not sticking around long enough for me to make anything from them.

I’d rather be writing fanfiction than nothing at all, and until I have a very strong pull toward an original idea, that’s how it’s going to stay.

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