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It's been awhile...O_O

Okay, so it's probably abundantly clear that my collaboration with my internet friend has gone belly up. It just didn't come to fruition. The product of both of us having writing dry spells so often. We probably should have seen it coming.

My solo TF fanfiction also is at a stand still, and has been for months. It is still my promise it will be finished, but it could be a long while before I'm feeling it again. And in all honesty? Though the fire isn't all that hot, when I do start writing again, I feel like striking fresh iron, not tempering a sword that someone else made.

Even when life isn't too busy, I just can't seem to get myself into the writing frame of mind again. I feel like it's coming back again, that any day now, I'll put pen to paper...or fingers straight to keyboard. But, only time will tell.

I still have no ideas forming as to what I want to write about. I just know I want to create something of my own. Fanfiction can be fun, can help polish skills...but, at the end of it, I'm too tired to do anything of my own. So, perhaps it's time for a new approach. Perhaps it's time for me to cut out the middle man. Will I continue to write fanfiction in the future? Oh, certainly. Like I said, I need to finish my Transformers 'fic. And beyond that, there are many fandoms I'd like to try my hand at, to see if I can create a fresh concept for someone else's world that I enjoy.

But, I need to put fanfics into a hobby pile, and stop myself from trying to use them as a stepping stone to create my own stuff. It just isn't working the way it once did. As I've gotten older, the writing doesn't come as easily. Maybe because I know too much of the clap-trap that comes with it. Or, maybe I don't know enough. Hard to say.

Bottom line? I really need to get into writing again. It's part of me; it has been for a long time. And as such, I cannot and will not give up on it so easily.
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