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Slow and Steady

Well, not too much has been done for the collab the last few days, but that's alright. Kim's done a little bit of one scene, and I've done a little for another.

We're still trying to fill in all the gaps, and make the storyline more plausible.

You know, fill in those plotholes, lol.

But, it's coming along alright. I think we're both just busy, and lately, I've felt drained.

I know precisely why, and for that, I'm not happy...but, Charlie and I will figure something out.

I haven't told anyone. Not any of my friends (I plan to never tell them) nor my parents. I already know what I'm going to do about it; it's the only way, in our particular situation.

I might tell Kim; I have a feeling she'll understand.

Other than that, I really need to get more done on my solo fic, as well. Not just typing and uploading chapters that are already written (and of course, getting Kim to beta them) but I should really write some new stuff up, so I don't lose my train of thought for that story.

by the looks of it, Charlie doesn't leave until March 3rd. Even still, the whole time he's gone is going to be a bit rough. The writing with Kim, along with my solo project, and child-rearing will keep me busy.

It's the other thing that bothers me.

Bad, bad timing.

Anyway, things will work out, all around. I'm sure of it.
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