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^_^ A bit better

Okay, in a decent mood. I did a little bit of writing for the collab, but things are busy for both Kim and I.

Good news: Charlie won't be leaving earlier than monday, and it can be as late as March 3rd. It still sucks he's going, but I have no doubt my writing will flourish.

Okay, that sounds bad, but really, it isn't.

It just means I'll make use of my lonely hours without him, and write with Kim. :)

Which also hopefully means I'll get some work done on the solo fic, too.

3-4 weeks is more than enough time to do work on both.

Other than posting new chapters for "Between Autobots and Decepticons" to FF.Net, I mean. I have a backlog of chapters on paper to type up, but I'd also like to write some new chapters for it. Chances are, I'll type a chapter for Kim to beta, and start writing a new chapter.

It's been weeks since I have; I don't want to lose my feel for it, just because I have two projects going.

Good thing I embrace the challenge of balancing between the solo fic and the collab.

I'll try not too push myself too hard, either way. Whatever I feel like working on, I'll work on. Chances are, once I do a little bit for one (a scene, or even a full chapter) I'll be satisfied, and go back to working on the other.

Sounds simple, right? ^^;

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. ;)
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