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Well, Charlie will be gone for a month. He still doesn't know the exact departure date (it has been said monday, but honestly, for the military, they are so far from organized!). It could be anywhere between now and next week.

Not happy.

Of course, being a military spouse isn't for the faint of heart-doesn't mean I don't go crazy whenever he's not around, though.

Before moving to Petawawa, it was both easier and harder. Easier, because I lived in familiar territory, and could go see my friends whenever I wanted (which was much easier also when Aurora would be babysat every few weeks or so, though I visited them with her quite often, too. They are her "uncles", after all).

Now, there's no one I know. Correction: Someone I knew in highschool lives out here, but not he, nor his girlfriend, has the time. I've attempted to make plans with them, honestly. But, nothing ever comes to fruition. I'm not even mad, to be honest. I tend to be a very private person, and it has been awkward, everytime I have talked with either of them.

But, I still make the effort to socialize, when I know I can do it without being a mother.

For the most part, I'm fine with it. The part that makes things harder is, no transit here. Nope, you read correctly. It's a military town, so naturally, no buses. Seriously, who the fuck thought that one up?

So, I'm either going to be hoofing it everywhere I need to go (because I doubt we'll last a month without having to grocery shop) or I get to pay a cab.

Yeah, really need to get my ass in gear on the whole license thing. Not that it would matter, until we get a car.

My greatest solace in all of this? I'll have Kim to talk to. About our collaboration, about life in general. If I keep myself busy enough with writing, with any luck, this month will fly by.


Yeah, right.

Okay, it'll at least make it more bearable. Hell, my solo fic will benefit from this, too.

Yay, silver lining. If I didn't look for it, I truly would go insane.

Okay, so the long and the short of it? It's going to be rough. It isn't the first time, nor will it be the last, that we've had to go without Charlie. It's as hard on him as it is on us. Silver lining? My writing will benefit, all around. Or, so I hope. I may not want to do much the first few days; withdrawal, and all. But, once I adapt (yet again) to his absence, I'll be fine.

Bah. I'm not use to ranting. I generally don't whine, if I can help it.

Thankfully, this is LJ. ;)
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