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Hahaha, of course...

Okay, so Kim and I are still working on the collab. We might not have Sonica die the way we originally planned; how she dies seems to be the only kink we're still working out.

Everything else is more or less set in stone.

That being said, there is a lot of work to still do. ^^; But, things are well underway.

I feel like displaying an excerpt here; this is a scene that takes place between Megatron and Thundercracker. It has been revised four times, at least. Keaalu, this is for you, since I know it's been driving you crazy. ;)

The silver mechanoid peered out the floor-length window. City lights flickered like a thousand fireflies illuminating the night. Outside, life was going about its regular routine, oblivious to its surroundings. Was it Cybertronian nature to be so carefree?

In the distance, footsteps approached. The silver mech sighed to himself. Silent contemplations would have to be done another time. Now, there were other matters to take into consideration....

Behind him, the door opened. Shadows danced across the wall, framing a tall, winged figure. Thundercracker strode toward the Supreme Commander. Had some long ago offense surfaced?

Thundercracker saluted. His deep voice echoed around the small room.

"You wanted to see me, Lord Megatron?"

Reverence and respect painted the recruit’s words. Eager curiosity burned hotter than solar infused pan handles. Perhaps the choice had been wise after all. Summoning a recruit who seemed on the fence could've been labelled as brash, but he didn't care. Let the masses think what they wanted. After all, they were but fickle fools tainted by jealousy.

Megatron turned to the panoramic view in front of him. His optics scanned the skyline once again.

"Tell me, Thundercracker. What do you make of all this? The sight before us?"

Thundercracker followed his superior's gaze. Iacon’s multi-coloured diamonds twinkled. Transports passed by overhead in the distance although the main stretches were surprisingly quiet.

"It's something else," he said. "Peaceful".

Megatron’s lip components tightened. He looked outward, toward the direction of the Autobot High Council Building. Ornate pillars jutted upward into what seemed forever.

"Peaceful," Megatron repeated. His optics remained fixated on the Council Building. "How do you define peace? The skyline isn't Iacon, only a manifestation of its inhabitants. Do you define peace by inanimate objects or by corporeal existence?"

Thundercracker shot a furtive glance in Megatron's direction.

"I define it by neither of those things," he murmured. "To me, peace is a state of being. The sky is what brings me peace."

Thundercracker turned then. A quizzical frown came upon him.

"What about you, Lord Megatron? How do you define peace?"

"An impossible variable, that's how I define it," Megatron replied.

He put his hand out, gesturing for the young Seeker to join him at the window.

Thundercracker obliged and closed the distance between him self and the silver mech. The recruit raised an optic ridge, curiosity over-riding his sense of decorum.

"You want to know what I see?” Megatron began. “Chaos. The Senate, they want to make us bend to their whims.”

Megatron turned to the recruit at his side. His stare hardened. "Peace is for a Utopian society, but do we live in a Utopian society? No. We live in a society ruled by deceit and treachery. Synchronized compliance is the only variable that can survive in a society like that."

Thundercracker nodded, His optics lowered. A feeble smile crossed him. "Of course, sir. I hope I didn't offend you, Lord Megatron. I'm not very knowledgeable in political affairs, I'm afraid."

Megatron smiled. He relaxed his shoulders and shifted his body slightly, studying the recruit. Lurking deep inside the carbonized steel plating, a warrior lay waiting. He was sure of it.

"You need not be knowledgeable in political affairs, Thundercracker," Megatron reassured.  "You understand simplicities. You admit you understand simplicities. Do you know how many would stand there and try to make up something impressive when they don't have a clue? But you didn't. I like that."

Thundercracker bowed his head. A genuine smile graced his lips. He glanced back up at his superior. Softness filled his vocalizer.

"Thank you, Lord Megatron."

Silence settled over them. Shoulder-to-wing they stood, each entertaining their own private thoughts. White light reflected off the panes, innocent spectres among a sea of corruption and decadence.

"Thundercracker, your tactical fighting abilities are like nothing I've ever seen," Megatron said. "Would you consider being promoted to Lieutenant?"

A surprised gasp escaped Thundercracker’s vocalizer. His mouth opened and closed soundlessly.

"I-I...sir, this is..." he stammered, wings vibrating excitedly. He gulped several times. “I'd be honoured, Lord Megatron, but...what about Starscream? I-I thought you had already chosen him for Aerospace Commander?"

The Decepticon Commander frowned. "Starscream isn't of the same caliber you are. However, if being in charge doesn't sit well with you, I will respect your decision."

Thundercracker shifted. His hands came up in a gesture of compliance.

"My apologies, Lord Megatron. I didn't mean to sound ungracious of your offer." he replied, his voice nearly pleading. "If you are to appoint me Lieutenant, you have my word that I will guide those under my command with a fair, yet firm hand."

He bowed his head, his arms dropping to his sides as he did.

"Whatever you wish of me, Lord Megatron, it will be done."

Well, there you have it; a scene filled with foreshadowing. ;)

I've been dabbling over whether to post any of the excerpts on here, worried that some random person might plagiarise the work, but I'm not overly concerned. My audience is small, and I trust it. ;)

On another note, Kim finished beta-ing my 16th chapter for "Between Autobots and Decepticons", but thanks to some issue on FF.Net, (probably maintenance), I can't sign in to upload it. T_T

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